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Movie of the Day: Elaha (2023) by Milena Aboyan

Elaha, a 22-year-old German-Kurdish woman, is about to get married. She is engaged to Nasim, the brother of her employer at a dry cleaner’s, and their wedding is due to take place in a few weeks’ time. When Elaha slips away to smoke with her friends at a party, the talk turns to the topic of how many young women in her community are expected to enter marriage as virgins. Some future in-laws even demand medical proof from a doctor. Elaha has already had sex and so this poses a problem: to have her hymen surgically reconstructed requires money which she does not have. Small capsules of fake blood can supposedly help to feign an intact maidenhead but will it work? Elaha begins to question the rules: why does she have to be a virgin anyway, and for whom? Nominee Compass-Perspektive Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2023. Link IMDB: Link to watch:

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