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Movie of the Day: Drive into Night (2022) by Dai Sakô

A surprising and humanistic drama that questions the meaning of happiness through the strange fate of one man who caused an accident.One night, a taciturn and clumsy man working at a scrap iron factory in the suburbs of Tokyo, causes an irreparable accident with his colleague. The two try to hide the incident but the man’s fate takes a turn for the worse and his colleague and family are faced with threats to their survival.A psychologial thriller that reveals the ills of Japanese society along with the darknesses of the human heart based on a script full of surprises written by the director Dai Sakō. Tomomitsu Adachi, who plays the lead role, exudes an eerie charm, and is flanked by many of Japan's best supporting actors such as Yutaka Matsushige and Shohei Uno. Link IMDB: Link to watch: (available until 15th of June, JFF+ Independent Cinema 2023)

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