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Movie of the Day: Cidade Rabat (2023) by Susana Nobre

Cidade Rabat is a melancholic comedy about grief. Helena is 40 and has spent the last two years trying to juggle work and family life with taking care of her mother, who has just died. Helena has a twelve old daughter called Maria, who spends alternate weeks with her mother

and father. Helena has been working as a film producer and feels stifled by the bureaucracy that her job entails. After her mother dies, Helena is struck by a feeling of orphanhood, gloomed by the morbid environment that has enveloped her lately. That gaze touched by the

world’s misery and sadness, and the fact that she is halfway between the beginning and the end of life, awaken Helena to a second youth. Nominee Caligari Film Award, Berlin International Film Festival 2023. Link IMDB:

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