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Movie of the Day: Broken Angel (2022) by Jules Koostachin

Angel, a once vibrant Indigenous woman, and the direct descendant of “seers'' within the Cree nation, is being ground into an emotional pulp by her abusive partner Earl. She sees images of her dead mother Grace, and worries about the effect the abuse is having on her young teenage daughter. One of the strongest accomplishments of this compassionate first-time feature is the tender but realistic delineation of an Indigenous Mother/Daughter relationship. They decide to make a break for it, and end up seeking shelter in an Indigenous-run refuge, a halfway-house for abused women. Angel has trouble adjusting to the spiritual healing rituals practised here, as they trigger unwelcome visions. But as Earl puts efforts into stalking them to their hidden location, a confrontation seems inevitable. Link IMDB: Link Review:

(Available from 5th Dec, Whistler Film Festival)

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