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Movie of the Day: Ballad for a pierced heart (2020) by Yannis Economides

Set against the backdrop of the economic crisis and a rundown club scene in small-town Greece, Yannis Economides' (KNIFER, MATCHBOX, SOUL KICKING, STRATOS) wickedly funny — and deliciously dark — gangster comedy expertly portrays a cast of characters on the verge of a nervous breakdown.Having had enough of her stuffy businessman husband Iraklis (Yannis Tsortekis, STRATOS, SUNTAN), Olga (Vicky Papadopoulou, SMUGGLING HENDRIX, STRATOS) elopes with pop singer-turned-nightclub-owner Manos (Vassilis Bisbikis, DIGGER) — but not without first pocketing a million of Iraklis' secretly stashed euros. Link Review: Link to watch:

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