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Movie of the Day: Backstage (2023) by Afef Ben Mahmoud, Khalil Benkirane

A dance company in Morocco will face numerous challenges in order to stage its latest show. Hoping to save the last show, the group immediately sets out to track down the only available doctor in the area and treat Aida. During the journey, to avoid a monkey, the bus swerves and miraculously stops on the side of the road. Without a spare tire, the crew is stranded in the forest. Outside, the full moon lights up a majestic and haunting landscape. Thus begins a kind of road movie: instead of waiting for the return of the driver, the whole company decides to enter the forest to reach the village. Through that path, the true face of the characters will emerge. Link IMDB: Link to watch:

(available 5-8 September, Mostra del Cinema di Venezia, 2023)

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