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Movie of the Day: Arigato, Monster (2022) by Kanata Wolf

Mushitaro spends everyday life without any hope or dreams. He occasionally hears delusional voice of people in suffering, which made him lose emotions. Johnny mentally controls Mushitaro with sophistry just to satisfy his greed. Working as garbagemen, they are struggling actors in a small theater. Not talented and not making

much effort, they survive everyday living together in a old fork house in Osaka. Mushitaro and Johnny have messed up the stage many times, trying Johnny’ s selfish method in acting and finally get fired by the theater company. Nevertheless, Johnny never accept the reality. For him, he is right and the others are wrong. !en, one day he encounters his God “Joker”, the monster of hatred. Influenced by Joker, Johnny transforms Mushitaro and himself into monsters to make revenge to the theater and also to the society that doesn’t treat them right. Which will lead the reckless two to an unexpected disaster. Link to watch:

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