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Movie of the Day: Another Coin for the Merry-Go-Round (2021) by Hannes Starz

Anna, Niko, Ilias and Jools flirt with the Viennese underground music scene. They like the do-it-yourself style and try to create something with the band "Black Candy" even though they can't play their instruments properly. You know how it feels when you're almost thirty and buy a skateboard and spend the night on the Vienna Belt. But since a wheelchair has become a foreign object in her life, something has changed. In fact, it changed much earlier. Anna in particular finds it difficult to live with the certainty that even a Fugazi record after the umpteenth listen no longer has the same power as when you first listened. That the record player's needle has jumped into an endless groove in which she is stuck as a person. "If that's the reality, then I don't want it." The four friends try to ignore the change, pretending to themselves that their parents have run out of change for the carousel and that it's time to pull a coin out of your own pocket. Winner Best Sound Design of a Feature Film, Diagonale, Austria 2021. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch:

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