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Movie of the Day: A Poem And A Mistake (2022) by Tamilla Woodard

A Poem and a Mistake follows the story of Myrrha, a grad student in the classics, who is grappling with the 50 sexual assaults in Ovid's Metamorphoses. When Myrrha's professor refers to the poem as, ‘being about love’. Myrrha becomes so distraught that she pushes him, and suddenly, like the characters in Metamorphoses itself, he is transformed into a young woman who looks exactly like Myrrha. Both characters, Myrra and Not-Myrra, find themselves in an Ovid-like landscape where transformation is a magical and terrifying confrontation with their own gender, sexuality, and relationship to desire. About: Link to watch: (available 21hrs, NYC Indie Theatre Film Festival)

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