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Movie of Day: In the Shadows (2020) by Erdem Tepegöz

A dystopian drama with sci-fi elements.Zait, played by the German-Turkish action star Numan Acar ("Homeland", "Prison Break"), is infected with a mysterious life-threatening skin disease. The system is merciless: people with ailments of any kind are destroyed. Mysteriously however, both errors in the machine and doubts in Zait's soon accumulate. He follows the cables of the surveillance cameras, which end in nothing, and comes across machines that no longer work. The world is ruled by the instructions of so-called officials that no one has ever seen. Over time the signs that they no longer exist solidify. But then from whom do the commands come? Who controls the system?. 5 wins & 3 nominations international film festivals. Link to watch: available 8-13 December at FilmFestival Cottbus:

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