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Movie Discovery of the Day: Who Were We (2023) by Tetsuya Tomina

The story is set in a gold-mining town on Sado Island, Japan. A woman wakes up with no memory of her past. She is rescued by an elderly female cleaner named Kii (which means the colour yellow). Kii takes her to a home that already houses two girls—Aka (red) and Kuro (black). Unable to remember her name, the woman is given the name Midori (green). Midori and Kii start working together as cleaners at the gold mine. There, Midori meets a man who works as the night guard. He says he has no name nor memory of his past. Midori names him Ao (blue). The two people who have no memory of their respective pasts become attracted to each other. The world they inhabit feels somewhat different from the normal world. Eventually, the true identity of Midori and the people in her life are unveiled. This film tells a story of life and death, dreams and reality, existence and its ambiguities. The lead characters are played by Japanese movie stars Komatsu Nana and Matsuda Ryuhei. About movie:

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