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Movie Discovery of the Day: The Wrong Movie (2024) by Keren Cytter

The Wrong Movie follows the relationships between one woman and a drone, a sex addict, a confused actor, and a tormented neighbor who's grieving her dead father. Angel (Laura Hajek) is a food vlogger who longs for her ex, Alex (Jordan Raf), while her current relationship holds on by a string. She begins to have romantic feelings for the drone (operated by Alex.) Timor (Edward Baker,) a drug dealer who lives with his mother (Devery Doleman), and Angel's boyfriend, John (Elijah Lajmer), are seeking revenge on Alex. Rob (John Verdil) is a cleaner who works at Nicole's (Ashby Bland)-Angel's suicidal neighbor-and Angel's apartments. Rob recalls a mysterious woman in the building whose apartment was full of butterflies. To his surprise, Nicole communicates with this neighbor (Suchan Kinoshita), who assists her in ending her life. Link IMDB: Link Review: About movie:

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