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Movie Discovery of the Day: Sisterhood (2023) by Nora el Hourch

Fifteen-year-olds Amina (Léah Aubert), Djeneba (Médina Diarra), and Zineb (Salma Takaline) have been inseparable since childhood. But their seemingly invincible bond is challenged by a pivotal incident that brings to light their differences in race, social class, and cultural privilege. The three friends create a video in reaction to a predatory attack. But when Amina posts the video on social media, it impacts their friendship in a way she did not expect. More affluent and white-passing than her friends, Amina questions whether she is being ostracized because of her privilege and lashes out at her father for his apparent denial of their Arabic heritage. She is torn between her own sense of justice and saving her friendship with Djeneba and Zineb, which ultimately gives meaning to who she is and her place in the world. Their friendship is the only place where she feels she truly belongs. 2 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB:

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