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Movie Discovery of the Day: Most People Die on Sundays (2023) by Iair Said

David, a young middle-class Jewish man, corpulent, homosexual and afraid of flying, returns to Buenos Aires from Europe after the death of his uncle. On his return, David learns that his mother has decided to disconnect his father's respirator, the only thing that has kept him alive for years. David will oscillate between living intimately with his mother, alienated by the pain of the imminent loss of her husband, and a voracity to fill his existential anguish, occupying his hours learning to drive, going to specialists cheaper than in Europe, and trying to have sex with any man who shows him a little attention. Nominee Queer Palm, Cannes Festival 2024. Link IMDB: Link Review: About movie:,warmth%20but%20not%20without%20affection.

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