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Movie Discovery of the Day: Lubo (2023) by Giorgio Diritti

Lubo makes a humble living as a street performer when, in 1939, he is called to join the Swiss army to defend the border from a potential German invasion. Forced to abandon

his family, he soon discovers that his wife tragically died while trying to stop the authorities from taking their three young children away. Targeted because they are Jenisch, a minority nomadic community, Lubo’s family falls victim to a national campaign for the ‘re-education’ of street children.But Lubo knows he will not find peace until he reunites withhis children and gets justice for himself and his people - forwhich he is ready to go to extraordinary lengths. So beginsa decades long journey for love and self-determination, anincredible adventure and an epic quest for freedom.Nominee Golden Lion Best Film, Venice Film Festival 2023. Link IMDB: Link Review: About movie: Link to watch:

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