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Movie Discovery of the Day: Another Name (2021) by Veta Geraskina

It's Not Her Name is about a woman Lisa who abandoned her child at birth and now twenty-three years later she obsessively tries to find her child. Lisa's search leads her to a young girl that she believes to be the one that she left at an orphanage. Lisa begins to spy on her and invades her life even though later she will find out the truth, that this is not her daughter. But, Lisa will not be able to stop being the mother figure that she has now become. And, like a ruthless wolf she will not let anything stand in her way of saving her "child". Two lonely souls that find a family in each other, one became a mother and the other a daughter. What is the price that they will have to pay for this encounter? The film explores the forces that posses people like demons making them strive towards their goal without boundaries, sometimes leaving a bloody trail behind. Winner Golden Unicorn Awards 2021, Best Actress. Link IMDB: About movie: Link to watch:

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