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Movie Discovery of the Day: 100 preludi (2023) by Alessandra Pescetta

Mara moves to Italy with the dream of becoming a great cellist. At the music school in Milan there is great competition between talented students and she chooses the most difficult course, directed by a sadistic and ruthless teacher who she greatly admires. Thus she becomes part of a string quartet but the pupil-teacher relationship is destructive. Trampled and scarred, she leaves school and decides to isolate herself, tense towards her stubborn aspiration, exercising exhaustingly to prove to herself the talent she has been denied. Thus he began to live with inhuman rationality by eliminating all the superfluous, giving up and choosing to live with only 100 objects. A slow and inexorable self-destruction. However, Mara will find in this experience the balance to capture the ephemeral moments of beauty with music, enclosed in a revolutionary and ingenious composition. Link movie:

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