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Here’s Why You Can’t Stop Watching Those Outrageous Recipe Videos

In February, singer and vlogger Adley Stump shared a video documenting the creation of what can only be described as bacon, sweetcorn, and Oreo casserole. On an episode of The Adley Show, her ongoing Facebook Watch series, Stump filmed a man slathering his kitchen counter (yes, counter) in sour cream, and then dumping sweetcorn, corn muffin mix, a stick of butter, and cheese on top of it — all the while mixing it together using his bare hands. He then put the concoction into an Oreo pie crust (yes, Oreo) before finally adding uncooked popcorn kernels and bacon (yes, bacon) to the whole thing. After pulling it out of the oven, and marvelling at how the popcorn kernels popped, he assures viewers that it smells really, really good. Stump agrees: "NEVER seen POPCORN do THIS!!" she captioned the video. "But it TASTES AMAZING!!!"

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