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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: Planet B (2023) by Pieter Van Eecke

How does one grow up on a planet that is destroying itself? Pieter Van Eecke provides a response to this urgent question in this film, in which he returns home to Belgium. For the past four years, he has patiently and carefully followed the beautiful and playful friendship between Bo and Luca, two young teenagers, and their enthusiastic activism in defense of the health of the planet. Concerned about climate change, and instead of passively watching the planet's destruction, the protagonists decide to take radical action, and end up having run-ins with the law. While the two friends grow up, they also change along the uncertain, turbulent yet beautiful path of adolescence. In this context, in which personal questions mingle with broader ones about the incomprehensible functioning of a rapidly changing world, something nevertheless seems unalterable: the protagonists' spontaneous and open friendship. Nominee Audience Award, Visions du Réel International Film Festival Nyon 2023. Link IMDB: Link Review:

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