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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: No Tenemos Miedo (2021) by Manuele Franceschini

October 18, 2019, Santiago, Chile. An increase in the price of public transportation sparks an unexpected riot. Popular anger explodes, rooted in decades of discontent as a result of a savage neoliberal system that has deprived people of the most essential services, in a country that has never returned to true democracy thirty years after the end of Pinochet's dictatorship. Since the first days of the rebellion, we begin to hear about a new urban legend, the Primera Linea, a spontaneous security service that defends protesters. Scenes of protest and urban guerrilla warfare cross the streets and squares in the country. The people crowd the famous Plaza Italia, the zero zone of Chilean demonstrations, now renamed Plaza de la Dignidad (Dignity Square). The repression by the Chilean police is brutal. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch:

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