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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: Kiss/Crash (2023) by Adam Cole

Kiss/Crash uses AI technology to turn a car crash into a kiss, over and over again. As the minute long video progresses, the crashes increase in speed and the preceding images become more pornographic, violent and chaotic. Me Kissing Me transforms from a video of the artist kissing himself, into cinematic lovers, religious idols, political celebrities and uncanny creatures performing the same act while the artist's own image fades in and out. Finally, Crash Me, Gently allows the viewer to control the pace and intensity of the crash to kiss. Viewed on an old-school TV set, the viewer controls the piece using a foot pedal. The harder the pedal is pressed, the more dramatic, disjointed and extreme the ‘kiss’ images become. Link Movie: Link to watch: (available until 27th June, +Rain Film Festival)

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