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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: Girls’ Stories (2023) by Aga Borzym

The main characters in the movie are two neighbors - Jagoda (11) and Zuzia (13). We witness one year of their life - their long talks about what is important and what is elusive, their thoughts on adolescence, on love ("love is cool until it gets serious"), on complexes, on boys and grown ups, on what it means to be a woman. The girls go shopping for clothes, dress up, sing, dance to TikTok moves, enjoy sleepovers in the garden during warm nights. Neither one is afraid to express her opinions. The documentary "Girls' Stories" is a tale addressed both to Jagoda's and Zuzia's peers as well as to adults - those who remember the things "back in the days" and those who don't. Link IMDB: About movie:

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