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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: Girl Gang (2022) by Susanne Regina Meures

Seen through the eyes of her fans, 14-year-old Leonie AKA Leoobalys leads the perfect life. With millions of followers on social media, her days consist of travels, interviews, sponsored gifts and a never-ending production of content. On the other side of the screen, we find Melanie – a 13-year-old girl whose admiration of Leonie borders on the obsessive… Framed like a modern-day fairy tale with princesses, magical mirrors and an undertone of dark sorcery, GIRL GANG is a sharp critical documentary about social media and the influencer business. 1 win and 6 nominations international film festivals. Link IMDB: Link Review: Link to watch: (available until 27 October, Bergen IFF 2022 Film Festival)

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