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(Documentary) Movie of the Day:Girl Gang (2022) by Susanne Regina Meures

Once upon a time, a 14-year-old social media influencer named Leonie lived on the outskirts of Berlin with her former East German father and mother. With her star on the rise, Leonie's parents become her managers, but will they be able to guide and protect her despite knowing less than their daughter about the enormous economic possibilities and pitfalls of her online activities? Girl Gang smartly looks at its protagonist through the eyes of others—her parents, her sponsors, her fans—and uses the smartphone as a black mirror to reflect the murky morality and messy division of roles between parent and child, idol and fan, self and image, that shape internet creation and consumption. Nomination, CPH:DOX Award, CPH:DOX 2022 Festival). Link Review: Link to watch: (available May2-7, Hot Docs Festival)

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