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(Documentary) Movie of the Day: Anastacias (2022) by Thati Almeida

Women who had troubled emotional relationships but who still show deep affection for other people and life. This connects the stories of Anair, Nega, Cenira, Janaina, and Márcia, but also the fact that they all live in the Jabaquara district, on the outskirts of the city of São Paulo. Different stories about abandonment, loneliness, and violence are the starting point to delve into the characters and their intimate and complex worlds. These women revisit past traumas and relationships but also the present's good fruits and plans for the future. Their lightheartedness and good spirits in dealing with daily life events counteract their personal dramas. The film depicts social issues, but primarily how these characters deal with emotions and feelings such as acceptance, self-love, and freedom. Link to watch:

(available Tallgrass Film Festival 2022)

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